Thanks to stones of shungite, the water becomes disinfected, cleansed, revitalized.

The Shungite allows to obtain a tap water exempt from fatal elements for the body (pesticides, bacteria, clhorine, nitrates, heavy metals). Furthermore, fullerenes (molecule contains in stones of Shungite in huge quantity) hydrated confer on the water beneficial and therapeutic properties.

The Shungite water possesses numerous vertues therapeutics: antioxidant, it give firm and elastic skin favoring her renovation. Bring balance and well-being, energy and vitality. Relieve headaches, back pains, rheumatisms, undoes the neuralgic states, stabilizes the blood pressure. Relieve the problems of digestion, liver, loins, as well as allergies, asthma, bruns, psoriasis, acne... In rinsing water removes dandruff and favorites the hair growth.

Pets appreciate specially the water of shungite which maintains hairs and plumages in excellent state.

In gardens, orchards and kitchen gardens, plants become healthy and strong, the improvement of the natural defenses was noticed. The productivity of the cultures increases by 30-40 %.

Have a glass of Shungite water each day to maintain you in good  shape and remain healthy!

How to prepare Shungite water:
  • Put approximately 100 g of Shungite stones and pour 1 liter of water in a glass bowl or in stoneware. Beforehand, rinse abundantly stones in the tap water and make them boil 5 mn in a water recipient.
  • A time of action is necessary:
    • From 1 hour: the water is disinfected;
    • Fron 72 hours (3 days) : the water is revitalized and get its full therapeutics properties and beneficials.
  • Add some water in the bowl after every use. The operation can be repeated as often as necessary. Your stones of Shungite will be completely effective during approximately 8 months.

Advise: It is recommended  to make a progressive cure of Shungite water by beginning with a glass a day, up to ideally 3 glasses a day, over a period of 1 month, then to have a break of 1 week before beginning again a new cure.
The Shungite water can be used as water of drink as well as for the cooking, the herb teas, the coffee, the ice cubes, etc.

It is recommended to change  the shungite stones after 8 months of regular use, and to replace them by new stones.
After use you can put them in the soil of your garden or your flowerpots to share its virtues with your plantations.

Shungite water do not substitues itself in any case for a medical treatment and does not have to dissuade you from counsulting a doctor in case of necessity.

With each order whe offer a leaflet on the procedure and preparation of the shungite water.
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