The natural fullerenes being in the Shungite have numerous virtues: normalize the cellular metabolism, increase the enzymatic activitiy, stimulate the capacity of tissues regeneration, accelerate the cure of burns or certain necroses, define an anti-inflammatory activity, etc... We can use it in particular in the field of agriculture and gardening, to cleanse the water or to protect you from electromagnetic fields (EMF).

The stone of Shungite allows to maintain a good level of vitality and dynamism, to activate and to improve the attention, the concentration and the memorizaiton, to eliminate the mental dispersal and the irritation, to tone up the body, to get rid of the overwork and the fatigue, to calm and to reduce the level of stress and anxiety and to improve the quality of sleeping.
It also helps to relieve headaches, to stimulate the immune system, to calm the angers, the nervousness and the overstrain. to increase the feeling of well-being and to restore a good health.

Used during a massage the Shungite still has others properties: development of the coordination, the improvement of the blood circulation, the normalization of the blood pressure, the reduction of the cramps and the articular steepness in arms and hands and stimulation of the digestive and cardiovascular system.

For therapists, the Shungite can be a resource used to restore or strengthen the vital energy, in particular after a long session or working day. It unloads and cleans the miasmas and the bad energies accumulated during the day.
The Shungite allows your clients to accelerate the process of integration of the passed informaiton.
Finally the Shungite harmonizes and revitalizes your workspace.

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