Into the nature, the Shungite stone take numerous forms with various concentrations of organic carbon. Hereafter you will discover the Three quality of Shungite you can commonly find:

Elite Shungite (silver quality) - Type I - 98 % of organic carbon fullerenes

This  Shungite stone is easily identified by its silvering and brilliant outside which presents metallic aspects in its brightness. This mineral is composed at least of 98 % of organic carbon.
Raw and rare material (only 1 % of the total production), the Shungite Elite is the most pure and the most powerful of all the Shungite stones.  The Shungite Elite is endowed with a great energy power and could be use in numerous ways and uses.

The Shungite Elite is recommended as a protective shield against nocives EMF (electromagnetic fields).
A Shungite Elite stone naturally absorb and neutralize the radiation when placed near electric and electronic devises, acting as a powerful shield.

On you,  put on your pocket or in pendant wear close to the thymus, the Shungite Elite reduce the stress and anxiety and give you vitality and energy all along the day,  while assuring its role of natural shield against the harmful waves and radiations during all your travels (car, train, plain, bus...).

One could also place a Shungite Elite stone on the 5th chakra (throat) to enhance a meditation or relaxation exercise.
A stone of shungite Elite on the 7 chakras facilitates their refill and quickly allows to rebalance them.

Shungite Elite acts at numerous physical and energy levels and allows to favor concentration, memorization and discernement.
A the opposite of others stones the Shungite naturally do not absorb any EMF and absolutely needs any cleansing  due to its unique molecular composition made of fullerenes. (Nobel Prize in 1996)

Black shungite - Type II - 40 to 50 % of organic carbon fullerenes

The Black Shungite is a black mineral  which contrary to the Elite Shungite (typeI)  could be carved and polished, with a rate of organic carbon around 40 to 50 % its properties against harmful EMF and its therapeutic vertues  allow mutliple uses, under the form of different objects as for exemple: pyramides, cubes, spheres, pebbles, jewelries, stones for water purification (shungite water), polished or unpolished.

Objects in black shungite are highly appreciated for their design and ornamental effects.

Indeed the Black Shungite favors your well-being while bringing to your environment a unique esthetic touch.

The rock of Shungite - Type III

The quantity of organic carbon in the Rock of Shungite is very low and such stone is of poor quality. This stone is heavier than other types of Shungite due to is high content of silica.

We do not sell such Rock Shungite as at Shungite-Energy we just commercialize the best high quality products for our clients  !
We highly recommend not to buy such poor quality of shungite even if the price is very attractive.