Olga BECK - Shungite-Energy specialist

Olga is a Swiss Therapist , Reflexologist and a Shungite specialist. Born in Russia, she was raised from her young age by her grand-mother in the use and secret of natural medicines and therapies.
The Shungite stone was part of the family traditions, traditional uses that she integrated in her personal practice and she extended to her profesional work of therapist.

She worked for severals years in the Water Agency Supply of Saint Petersbourg, Russia and then as a French/Russian Interpreter in Switzerland and Russia for big manufacturing companies. Therefore she has a strong knowledge of the Russian social and economical mechanisms and functionning (language, culture, traditions and economy...)

She wants to share with you through the Shungite-Energy products and shop this invaluable inheritage from the Karelian nature and people of Karelia.

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